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Short-stay contemporary dwellings set in stunning landscapes

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Short-stay contemporary dwellings set in stunning landscapes

Escape to architect-designed small-scale dwellings in some of our finest locations. Land Stories is a celebration of architecture, sustainable design and natural beauty.

Explore how contemporary architecture can shine a light on our landscapes and enhance our relationship with nature. Free from the constraints of traditional architecture, each installation will feel like a piece of art, offering the quality and comfort of a hotel suite yet leaving no trace within the environment.

Collaboration sits at the heart of our idea. Working closely with a select group of architects, craftspeople, interior designers and artists, we aim to create a collection of unique dwellings that will live for a limited period in some of the UK’s magnificent landscapes. These hard-wearing and low-impact portable structures will combine simple beauty with comfort, paying tribute to architectural craftsmanship and the wild beauty of our landscapes. With a short build and installation time, it will be possible to bring a new Land Story to you within just a few months.

Artists will be invited to stay and asked to create a piece of work inspired by their experience. Over the course of the project’s life-span, we plan to curate a collection of lasting memories that include music, poetry, print, photography and film to tell the Land Stories tale.

Project 01

The Lantern

Our first dwelling - The Lantern - is inspired by the iconic idea of a lantern, to sit serenly within the landscape. Sleeping four, it will combine the quality and comfort of a modern hotel suite with an immersive camping experience. Visit our Early Adopter shop for a range of our collaborators' and own exclusive products while we work to settle The Lantern in its first home.

Talk to us

Land Stories is designed to inspire dialogue. We want to instigate ongoing conversations about temporary architecture within the UK’s open public spaces to explore where it could take us.

Share your special places

If you could stay overnight anywhere in the UK, where would it be? Share with us any magical and beautiful landscapes you’ve come across on your travels - stunning open places perfect for a short stay that make the heart soar. Let us know and we’ll look into them for future locations. Help us to create your perfect Land Story. Tag @Land_Stories when you post an image.

Architects and Designers

Imagine what’s possible and share a sketch of your design of where you’d like to stay.


We're always on the look out for new sites. If you’re interested in telling a different story about your land, please get in touch.

Mailing List



Land Stories was born out of our founder’s curiosity with mobile homes and their ability to free us from the constraints of normal life and enable us to experience untouched places and spaces. Uninspired by their quality and design, she set out to explore the concept of temporary architecture as a place to stay and to see what kind of experiences could be created within our open landscapes.

Architecture has the potential to elevate the humble mobile home, taking it beyond the mundane and into the realm of contemporary art and living spaces. This is about exploring new structures, experimenting with new and sustainable materials, and building intimacy with our landscapes for a brief period of time.

Land Stories is a non-profit initiative; all profits are used to fund future projects.